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Issue 72(02/2014)

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Telcos must embrace experience-centric operations if CEM is to be truly realized.

Cover Story

Revenue and profit growth isn’t as easy as it used to be. Today, we all know the basics of customer-centricity. For an edge, we must fully leverage network evolution, operational management, and CEM.

Customer Experience Management

Customer experience management (CEM) is a hot topic these days. While others are selling old solutions repackaged as CEM, Huawei has built a comprehensive solution from the ground up -- SmartCare®.

During the Formula One event in Monaco, keeping up with the traffic surge is tough, but with Huawei in the pit crew, Monaco Telecom comes in first place.

Everyone is talking about mobile Internet and traffic operation, but users just want an experience without lag. Real-time billing can help.

Operations Transformation

Previously focused only on network efficiency & operational excellence, MS now emphasizes value creation and vendors are seen as strategic partners who facilitate business transformation.

Huawei’s policy and charging control (PCC) consulting and systems integration service helps operators monetize traffic. Our experts employ the technology and systems that can get the job done.

Facing great pressures from competition, investment costs, and demanding users, CSPs must transform from network-centricity to service and business (value creation) centricity.

Sustainable Development

Telcos are rushing to LTE, but most engineers and executives lack deep understanding of LTE technology, all-IP design, or flat architecture. Fortunately, Huawei offers the ideal training program.

In the digital age, enterprises of every kind are gaining a strong competitive edge by deploying the best business analysis system they can get.

Small cells promise an immediate and long-term solution to the problem of maintaining sufficient network capacity. However, backhauling small cells isn’t practical; Huawei’s solution: FrontHaul.

Automated optical distribution networking (ODN) is good, but truly intelligent ODN is much better. Unleash the potential of improved passive fixed infrastructure with Huawei’s iODN.

Network and Service Evolution

Huawei provides a diverse body of network planning and evolution solutions that can smooth the network upgrade & transformation processes, and shorten TTM.

Huawei’s Network Evolution & Experience Center (GNEEC) enables smooth network evolution on the first attempt. It provides consultancy, laboratory testing, and system integration.

Cloud investment and data center construction will is time consuming & costly. A sustainable model based on supply & demand is needed as enterprises undergo ICT transformation.

OTN technology, working in tandem with high-speed transmission gear, make 100G transport more practical than anticipated and its commercial takeoff is already in progress.