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Issue 22(04/2015)

It's all about success! We aim to help you understand the industry better, with operator interviews, success stories and other accounts from industry insiders on what it takes to succeed in the fiercely competitive market.
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The drive for an experience that inspires is relentless. For telcos, it may involve an evolutionary path from 4K to environmental simulation to virtual reality, a journey of mindset as much as tech.

Voices from Industry

Bell Canada has a lot of legacy services to consider as it moves towards a network with a data center core that it calls "Network 3.0." CTO Stephen Howe discusses how to balance these two elements.

Asia is now leading the way in LTE innovation, deployment and adoption. Learn more from the experts here.

Sony recently spared some time for WinWin to discuss how 4K premium can be brought back to the video content experience.

Tao of Business

Huawei Rotating CEO Eric Xu discusses the best methods for creating an MBB network and the future of mobile technology.

The next generation of OSS/BSS will not be an OSS/BSS at all, but a platform where open telco capabilities can be leveraged to the better of the entire ecosystem - Telco OS.

Three financial experts share their thoughts on how today's banks can expand their offerings digitally to achieve "full-channel service."

With the connected home market set to pass USD200 billion this year, now is the time for operators to leverage their superior bandwidth and QoS.


Revolutions are unfolding in technology, industry, business and lifestyle, and telcos must embrace them. Huawei is your partner.

Spectrum is the fuel of the mobile revolution, but major shortages are on the horizon if the industry fails to act.

Lawrence Roberts created the ARPANET in the 1960's, and now he's back proposing an upgrade that will enable the ultra-high throughputs needed for tomorrow - Flow-state Access.


Huawei SingleSON solution is helping Vodacom to build a "Thinking Network" in Johannesburg where cell adjustment is automatic.

AIS leveraged Huawei's six-sector antenna solution to achieve 70% gains in capacity on it's 3G network. Learn more.

China Telecom Hubei is leveraging a high-quality MAN from Huawei to achieve precision in bandwidth acceleration, marketing, and network control.

Shenzhen Media Group is leveraging cloud technology to share its production resources in a way never before possible.

Cockram Construction is an Australian firm that is leveraging ICT from Huawei to smarten and accelerate it's business operations.
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