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Issue 20(08/2014)

It's all about success! We aim to help you understand the industry better, with operator interviews, success stories and other accounts from industry insiders on what it takes to succeed in the fiercely competitive market.
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WinWin editor in chief predicts the future of telcos by weighing the advantages of infrastructure against innovations such as FireChat, which enables “Chat without the Internet.”

Voices from Industry

Hartwig Tauber of FTTH Council Europe sits down with WinWin to discuss the complexities of Europe's fiber market and what progress is being made towards the Digital Agenda for Europe targets.

Copper wire has hit a bandwidth ceiling and fiber is the only solution. At the FTTH Conference 2014 in Stockholm, Sweden, three experts shared their experiences.

Vivo CTO Andrea Folgueiras discusses how the Brazilian carrier laid the ground for a Better Connected Football experience during the FIFA World Cup 2014.

Tao of Business

Huawei Deputy Chairman & CEO Ken Hu discusses the three steps he sees as necessary to assuring a healthy telco industry and a Better Connected World.

Huawei draws on insights from three industry experts for its recommendations on how the relevant stakeholders can address the digital divide.

3G crowned data king and invited vendors and application service providers to lead the way. 4G is changing the game again; Experience- and value-based services will rule. Carriers must integrate.

UMTS drives Mobile Broadband (MBB) advancements. Over 500 MBB networks support a huge number of data hunger users, and yet, UMTS has plenty more to give.

Huawei has carried out a study that demonstrates that fiber-to-the-distribution point (FTTdp) with can indeed reduce costs significantly when compared with FTTH.


Huawei CMO William Xu discusses how ICT has become the new engine that propels our world and illustrates the key strategic planning issues that must be addressed.

Professor Rahim Tafazolli discusses what he sees as the low-hanging fruit in IoT, which is expected to be a USD8.9 trillion market by 2020.

Mobile payment is everywhere, cloud computing and the Internet economy are turning the world upside down by rewriting global business rules time and again. Agility is everything.


MegaFon has created an overland substitute to undersea cables for an 8700km route between Frankfurt & China, with QoS guaranteed for its entirety and 10ms shaved off the travel time each way.

Michael Joseph, the man most directly responsible for M-Pesa's meteoric rise in Kenya, sits down with WinWin to discuss what factors are necessary to making mobile money work.

Mobile communication has changed the way tourists prepare for and enjoy their journey. Ooredoo Maldives is satisfying high expectations of tourists in spite of challenging geography.

Reducing O&M while increasing efficiency and reliability, ultra-broadband tri-band antennas with remote electrical tilt (RET) are an essential element of the Zain Kuawait success story.

Established in 2008, VIVA Kuwait entered a market dominated by strong competitors. Five years later they held a 33% market share. Huawei is their sole vendor.

Jiangsu Mobile's user satisfaction ratings rose 20 places to the top amongst China Mobile's provincial branches after carrying out a TCP optimization program with Huawei, with more to come.
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