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Defining 5G

For a technology that doesn’t even exist, 5G is getting an awful lot of attention and hype. But what is it, and how do we get there? Mobile World Live takes a look.


The digital divide: The way forward

At the GAS summit, a panel of industry stakeholders was convened to discuss the digital divide. Their words ring true, and Huawei offers some advice on where to go from here.

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Welcome to the application ecosystem

Telcos need a better understanding of software economics if they are to prosper in an app-driven world.

Huawei BOOST: Unleashing the power of ultra-broadband

100M to the home will soon become the norm, and Huawei has a strategy for telcos looking to profit from all this bandwidth: Huawei BOOST.

OneDevice simplifies the multiscreen equation

Are you getting tired of all your little screens that often don't play nice with one another? The answer may be just around the corner: OneDevice.

Is SoftSIM in the cards?

Removal of the SIM card from the handset equation would represent only a small change in terms of engineering but a huge change in terms of industry dynamics. Telcos must prepare.



Industry Talk

Vincent Rumeau, Connected Cars Program Manager at PSA Peugeot Citroen China, gives an insight into development of the connected car market and what the future holds.
What is the first productive of mobile network? What is the most important indicator of the user experience ? By 2025, mobile Internet connectivity index will reach 100 billion. Not only people, vehicles, buildings and cities will be connected. This video is about to telling you the nine forces of MBB era.
Lars Stegelmann, Global Head of Commercial at FIA’s new Formula E racing category, tells us how the sport is already surpassing expectations. Although the worlds of Formula E and mobile technology may not seem an obvious pairing, he reveals how they are connected.
GSMA CTO Alex Sinclair outlines the challenges facing mobile operators today and how the GSMA is helping to address these issues. He also comments on the growth opportunities in mobile and the future move to 5G.
The Practice Head of Analysys Mason’s Networks and Enterprise Research division provides an overview of the connected car market and where it is heading.